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Uncovering Spotify's Best Playlists

Bad Habits | Steph Alpaca | January 27, 2016

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Music. It has the ability to hit us in a way we can’t always understand. When Nicki Minaj’s latest hit drops, you can’t help but twerk it out like you’re collecting dollar bills at King of Diamonds. Or even when you hear that sweet Billy Joel serenade towards the end of the night, something strange comes over you. Isn’t that kind of amazing?  Whatever it is, when you hear the one song that completely understands you in that moment, you feel some type of way.

I assume most of you are up-to-date on knowing that the “cool kids” are using Spotify (premium if u ain’t basic). But, have you ever checked out Spotify’s own created playlists? You’re skeptical about it, right? I was too. But this is no Pandora station that plays the same songs over and over. These playlists are actual game changers. I’ve done my fair share of musical exploration and found some really amazing shit that I need to share with you. 

A list to give you the best of the best – to bring you up when you’re feeling down, turnt when you’re just feeling tipsy, and chillin’ when you honestly kinda feelin’ like a villain.

Discover Weekly

This is genius. Each Monday, Spotify updates a mixtape chosen specifically for you based off of songs you’ve listened to or liked. I don’t know how, but it always knows what I want when I want it. I wish my damn fridge was more like that. It’s a mix of new hits and oldies but goodies. For example, today I found an new-ish Childish Gambino song to sing to my steering wheel, a Travis Barker ft. Tyga, Ty Dolla $ign, and Kid Ink jam (what a crew),  a jam called “PMK (Pussy, Money, Kush)” by a fella named $kinny, and a “Trap Queen” remix I probably never need to hear again…but hey it was interesting to listen to. That’s just me, but I’m sure your Discover Weekly is far less ratchet. Next time you’re sick of the playlist you’ve had on repeat for about three weeks, give it a look and find something new – you won’t regret it.

Throwback Jams

Ever dreamt of being the kid at the pregame that just switches shit up and gets the party on another level – the EXTENDED pregame level? Well, buddy, this playlist is your gateway to make that dream a reality.  Travel back to the time you sang every lyric to R.Kelly’s “Ignition” in the back of your mom’s minivan. When you were blissfully naive to the crude lyrics you were chanting as your mom shook her head because she knew, Oh, she knew. Bring back the good old days with Missy Elliot, Sean Paul, Usher, SOULJA BOY, Ja Rule, T-Pain and the man himself, Lil’ Jon. Can I get a “yeahhhuhhh” “WHUUUT?” “OKaaaaaaay.”

Workout Twerkout

Ever intentionally make your booty shake while running on the treadmill? Well, you will now. Workout Twerkout is exactly as it seems: a collection of songs that make you want to make dat ass clap and look as hot on the dance floor as you think you do. We got Drake, we got Future, we got Ricky Rosay, Tyga, and even ya girl Beyonce makes an appearance. It’s like all my best friends in one place (they just don’t know it yet). The best part about this playlist? It can double as your pregame playlist so after that run, go ‘head and grab a bottle of tequila. You deserve it.

Have a Great Day!

Pretty cheesy, but I clicked it anyway. It was 9 a.m and I wanted to have a fucking great day. And, you know what, I damn well did. The first song played on shuffle was “Rich Girl” by Hall & Oats. It hit me. It hit me good. My dreaded 6 hours of class ahead seemed to disappear. The grey sky opened up into a sea of blue with the sun gleaming down on the world and all that inhabits it. As I proceeded to let shuffle take the wheel, it stumbled upon Jackson 5, Queen, Smash Mouth, OutKast and even Biz Markie. If I closed my eyes I could have easily been on the stage at Blackbird with a PBR in each hand instead of in my room with a towel on my head. It was the perfect mixture of everything I’ve ever loved in one place. Everything I needed to have a great fucking day.

Indie Chillout.

Studying? Can’t find the right playlist to wallow in over Econ. equations and other shit you just will never understand? Check out this compilation of beautiful sounds for some good-ass background music that makes you feel like one day you might be whole again. Most of the songs you may not know, but that’s okay. Better even. It’s less distracting and hey, super hipster so good for you, kid! There is, however, some Florence + The Machine, Oh Wonder, BØRNES, Mumford & Sons, and even a fellow ‘Cane alumna, B.Miles (check her out, she is UNREAL).

All the feels

Your eyes peel open slowly. You realize you’re in your clothes from last night. You frantically look for your phone somewhere in your bed while thinking to yourself, “How the HELL did I get home last night?” And just like that, it’s begun. The day of the everlasting, ever-painful hangover. Sounds are loud, lights are bright, people are too much. You’re not a real person and you don’t remember what it’s like to feel normal. It happens. Get yourself a gallon of water and a bottle of Advil. Then put on this playlist and let Miguel, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, Drake and my new boo, Bryson Tiller, nurse you back to health.

Rap Caviar

“The freshest fifty songs on the rawest hip-hop playlist ever,” Spotify proclaims. They ain’t wrong. This is my absolute favorite playlist for what’s hot right now. Mondays got you down? Hit up Rap Caviar and bring out your inner thug on the drive to school. This playlist is completely swiped and updated every week, so you know you’re always getting something new. Stay on your game with some of my favorite homies, which for this week include: K Camp, Fetty Wap, Kevin Gates, Young Thug, Kid Ink and more.

Rock Classics

Do you sometimes feel like the music of our time is complete shit? Do you wish songs meant more than pussy, money and weed? DO YOU APPRECIATE REAL TALENT? Spend some time with the Eagles, Pink Floyd, The Kinks, Lead Zeppy, Queen, Jimmy Hendrix and more amazing souls. It will make you want to stop scrolling through Instagram and enjoy the things around you. Listen, I love my fair share of Fetty Wap but sometimes you gotta stop and walk away from the truffle butter.

Beach vibes

Friday. Fuck class. It’s time for a personal day. (Because it’s just so hard going to school in 80-degree weather in January.) We live in Miami! You, a few brews, and beautiful Key Biscayne. But, you can barely see your phone, your hands are covered in tanning oil and you want to run into the water. You need something that can just rock without any effort and make you feel like you’re on vacation. Leave it to this playlist to do all of that for you. Soak up the sun and start your weekend to the sounds of Ziggy Marley, Sublime, Pepper, Jack Johnson, Dirty Heads and of course the man, the myth, the legend–Mr. Bob Marley.

So, there you go. Give yourself a second to feel all the feels. And next time your DJ skills are on point, just think of me and remember who got you to the place you are today.

I’ll leave you with this last tip: Spotify also has movie soundtracks, comedy skits, audiobooks, night storm soundtracks, a whole section dedicated to you making fucking dinner and so much more. I also just found out there is a setting on the app that can track the pace of your run and PLAY MUSIC TO YOUR TEMPO. SPOTIFY CARES. And so should you.