Connor DiGregorio

Editor | International Studies

“I'll have what I'm having”

  • Presidential Primary Cheat Sheet

    Do you want to make America great again, or do you consider yourself more of a “Courageous Conservative”? Are you feeling the Bern all over? Do you prefer a candidate with an exclamation point at

  • The Trail From ISIS To Nowhere

    -What is your name? "Raafat Al Ramli."   -What city in Iraq are you from? "Mosul."   -How long have you been in Turkey?

  • In Other News

    News on the Internet these days: there’s just so much of it. So much so, that some of the really good stuff tends to get lost in the mix. You have Facebook’s trending news which shows

  • Presidential F*cks

    Alright people, it’s time to stop looking at the hilarious YouTube videos of Trump or the pictures of candidates' faces fused together (Clinton/Trump is a great one though.) Look, I love that stuff

  • The Life Aquatic

    Including an Interview With UM's Own Climate Change Expert Odds are you’re a college kid reading this right now, so I don’t have to spend much time telling you that climate ch

  • It's Gettin' Hot in Here

    An article by Dr. Harold Wanless, an expert on climate change, details how we humans have sort of, kind of, fucked up our planet's atmosphere and consequently its oceans. The main issue in this confl