Josh Holin

  • Happy Holidaze

    Something is in the air. Could it be love? Is it allergy season? No, the only thing is a faint smell of... what is that… is that pineapple express? The curling wisps of white and the sunglasses in c

  • Thirty-Seven Is The New Seventy-Seven

    Senior citizens, self-made billionaires, lottery winners - if people like that retire, you nod your head in approval. It just makes sense. Thirty-seven-year-olds don’t retire. They’re caring for f

  • #AtTheRat: A Tale Of Perfect Attendance

    Joe DiMaggio, Usain Bolt, John Donnelly, Randy Green, Wayne Gretzky. Seems like a pretty random list right? Wrong. This is a list of legends. Each name carries a story, and with that story a record th

  • The Weather Up Here Is Great. Thanks.

    Being tall can be exhausting. Telling people that I used to play basketball, waiting for them guess my exact height, and ducking under doorways eventually takes its toll. I know, "Boo-hoo

  • Throwing A Flag On The Super Bowl

    Today at 6:30 PM, the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos will meet head-to-head for Super Bowl 50. (NOTE: Super Bowl L just doesn’t have the same ring to it; I wonder if that’s why they sto

  • How to Balance Your Video Games & Your Social Life

    Congratulations everybody, you made it to Thanksgiving break and whether you're studying architecture or advertising you've got yourself some well deserved time off. This means one thing and one thing