Madie Dhaliwal

Staff Writer | Media Management

“The Opposite of Nicholas Cage”

  • The 6 Seniors You Meet #AtTheRat During Finals

    The days of waking up hungover on a Wednesday and eating cold bedside-table macaroni are winding down. That's right, finals are upon us yet again. For most of us, that means creeping out of bed at an

  • The Frat Cooler Diaries

    28 DAYS UNTIL FORMAL: Sigma Kappa Beta Rho formal is less than a month away and since Greg and I are pretty much dating, Jenny K. suggested I start his cooler. I wouldn’t conside

  • Don't Fear the Gap Year

    I waited outside the UM Law Library to interview Maddie Kaufman—an interview that sat idly on my brain’s back burner as I hit submit on another low-paying entry-level job application. Open iCa

  • Virgin Territory

    Lavender-scented candles and Marvin Gaye lyrics permeated the room. The parents were gone for some inexplicably convenient length of time and your inexperienced bodies mov

  • Sex Sells

    What an exciting time to be alive! In a country where an oversized Oompa Loompa is leading the Republican presidential race and where the iPhone 6 is a little bit thinner than the iPhone 5, we can da

  • To Sleep, Perchance to Sex Dream

    Between virgins and sex addicts alike, the cognitive product of dirty dreams shows no discrimination. Ah, yes. A beautiful biological function that helps us get laid even when the pickings are slim an