Melanie Martinez

Director of Content | Journalism

“Miss 305. Dale.”

  • Beyond South Beach

    Whenever I tell an outsider I’m from Miami, the typical questions and comments ensue: “All you do is go to the beach right?” “How often do you see Dwayne Wade?” “You must be such a clubber

  • Planting a White Rose

    President Obama’s words echoed through Havana’s Gran Teatro Tuesday morning as he delivered a history-making speech. Families huddled around old televisions to hear what the president had to say

  • Edible Meat Undies For Your Love

    Valentine's Day is here, but you aren't exactly prepared. You probably got caught up reading Kanye West's latest

  • Basel is Back

    Brace yourself, 305-ers – the time is here. Miami Art Week madness makes the city the destination for collectors, curators, and art enthusiasts from all over the globe. There will be 82,000 flocking

  • Gobble Gobble: Miami Style

    Gobble gobble, bitches! (Disclaimer: I tend to say that a lot around this time of year and I can’t help myself.) Anywho, it’s everyone’s favorite mouth-stuffing, flowy-top-wearing, deliciously i

  • Paris: Getting It Twisted

    On Friday night, hands jumped to mouths and tears rimmed wide eyes as screens relayed the chaos and carnage that enveloped the City of Love. News flooded in of attacks by ISIS all over Paris – at