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“I'll leave your Brita empty”

  • Crashing Down

    “When I looked out at the horizon, it was like the ocean was pulling back - sucking itself in,” Victor Israelsson, a 23-year-old senior, explains as we sit together overlooking

  • Breaking News: Every Person In Miami Has More Fun Than You

    Miami, FL -- This Friday, Saturday and Sunday across glistening waters and on top of smoke-covered stages all over the city of Miami --every person

  • Progressive Pooping

    If you’ve recently found yourself needing to relieve yourself on campus, you may have noticed something new. I know what you’re thinking and, no, this isn’t an article about University of Miami

  • A Letter To Hitler's Micropenis

    Yesterday Jews everywhere were proud to share that Jonathan May and Emma C

  • The Real UM Parties

    You've seen them in the breezeway the past few weeks and skillfully ignored their glares. You've pretended to check a text message with precise timing and disregarded flyers, but now it's ti

  • Guilty As Charged: Venmo Exposed

    This Super Bowl Sunday was chock-full of drunken bets and rowdy rivalries. The obscene amount of electronic money that was gambled away with the simple swipe of a finger caused our favorite money-sha