Stephanie Alcala

Director of Communications | PR, Advertising

“Fetty Wap's Missing Eye”

  • Insecurities? FACEIT.

    Would you ever write your biggest insecurity on your body and photograph it for everyone to see? FACEIT - a photo exhibition organized by University of Miami's Girls4Good and SPARK organizations - doe

  • 'Canes Sex Confessions: Series Finale

    Here it is. The final round of University of Miami's Sex Confessions 2K16. We've seen the good, the bad, the ugly, the disturbing, and the straightup strange. We couldn't be more proud. Th

  • All The Feels

    Music. It has the ability to hit us in a way we can’t always understand. When Nicki Minaj's latest hit drops, you can’t help but twerk it out like you're collecting

  • A Tribute To Thanksgiving Break

    Thanksgiving break has come and gone yet again.  Most of us flocked back up north to remember what it’s like to live in the h

  • E.coli Happens

    Whether it's once, twice, or three times - along with many millennials today - Chipotle is a staple in my weekly routine. There’s just something about that beautifully

  • Beer Tasting #AtTheRat

    You might be suffering from a long week, you may have failed a test, or maybe you’re just hung-over off dollar shots at Tuesday’s and the struggle is too real. You could be passing time before cla