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Yoga Events At Art Basel

411 on the 305 | Mia Rafowitz | December 3, 2015

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Art Basel is here, and that means events cooler than you are about to transpire. From modern art exhibits to actual edible art, it’s going to be a tragically hip weekend full of $400 ripped jeans and consulting Siri in private so you can impress people with your “knowledge of abstract art” aka the giant dildo you just Instagrammed.

If for some reason you have too much ADHD and need to connect with movement instead of sipping $30 cocktails and discussing textural depth – I am here to give you all of the yoga events at Art Basel. This weekend your drinks aren’t the only things that’ll be flowing.

I know many need no convincing to bend and move amongst artistically painted walls while sipping fine Cabernet, but some of you are cynical little shits who think yoga is a flexible dance made solely for hippie women or gay men in Lululemon shorts.

And, while you may not be entirely wrong…you’re entirely wrong. Yoga is for everybody, people. Yes, it’s for the stay at home mom/dad who needs to “de-stress” after their long day of volunteering and playing mahjong. But it’s also for the Muscle Milk-obsessed Popeye who hasn’t touched his toes since the 7th grade sit and reach test.

Because flexibility training is not just beneficial for the body builder, the runner, or the student hunched over at his laptop for days during finals week – it is necessary. 

Here are some physiological benefits of flexibility training:

Greater range of movement: When one muscle contracts the opposite muscle relaxes. This is called reciprocal inhibition. For example: when you do a bicep curl your triceps are just chilling, taking a little break – some shuteye, perhaps. Reciprocal inhibition is enhanced with flexibility training and gives all of your muscles a greater range of motion because of it.

Strength Training for muscular length: Yoga is a form of Hypertrophy training; you are adding actual length to your muscles (rather than volume with the classical strength training you’re probably familiar with).

Protection during lifting: When there is stress on a muscle, these little guys called GTOs get activated and your muscle relaxes. For example, during a bench press when you can’t lift any more weight, your muscle will relax and you slowly lower the weight. This mechanism is extremely protective, and it is enhanced with flexibility training.

 Cardiovascular benefits: A recent study of yoga and cardiovascular disease published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology indicated that yoga can help lower the risk for heart disease as much as any conventional exercise. The deep breathing, moving and meditation are all elements that contribute to the decreased risk of heart disease.

Isometric holds recruit all motor units: While yoga does consist of deep breathing and movement, the majority of a class is spent in deep, isometric holds. An isometric contraction occurs when the muscle tenses and holds still – like in a plank position. During isometric training, all available motor units are recruited, which is usually very difficult to do.

There are so, so many more – but I won’t bore you right now because Art Basel is happening, and your time is precious. Just make sure to downward dog like you mean it this weekend. Strike a pose and let your body become the art (or an exhibition of sweat and falling out of poses you saw YogaGirl do on Instagram). Do it for the physiological benefits, do it for the wine, or do it for the butts in see-through yoga pants.

Here’s where:

YogArt Basel At the Wynwood Walls:
Flow with some of the best yoga instructors in South Miami to the smooth beats of Dj Drez and Marti Niki (with special guest Sunday night The Mayapuris) next to the colorful Wynwood Walls.
When? Friday December 4th at 6 pm, Saturday December 5th at 10 am, and Sunday December 6th at 10 am.
Where? 2516 NW 2nd Ave.
Age disclaimer: Must be 21 years or older because drunk yoga is more fun anyways.
Cost: $35 per session

Body, Art and Movement with Jeremy Penn: Come and learn from this New York City-based modern artist as your body moves you through an hour of Flow Yoga set to a live DJ at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel. Not a bad way to cure a Thursday Grove hangover if you ask me.
When? Friday, December 4th from 10 am-12 pm (skip your Friday morning class, ok?)
Where? The Loews Miami Beach Hotel, 1601 Collins Ave.
Cost? $15

Vinyasa to Vino Presented by Standard Textile #ArtBasel: The nationally acclaimed Vinyasa to Vino will be led by Grip The Mat. This will be a mixed level yoga class, so if you’re new – this is the stop for you.
When? 4 pm-6 pm
Where? The Wynwood Yard, 56 NW 29th St.
Cost? Free tickets are sold out…. But hey show up and pay.
Complimentary wine will be served to get you in the mood for Friday night from 6 pm-8 pm.

Superfine! House of Art & Design: Head to the Citadel in Little Haiti where indie acts from Afrobeta to Shamier to Aeroplane will be performing, silent discos will be had and glow yoga will be experienced.
When? December 2nd – December 6th from 1 pm-7 pm
Where? 8300 NE 2nd Ave.
Cost? $10- but $5 for students

Beach Yoga at The Freehand: COMPLIMENTARY YOGA ON THE BEACH. That’s enough to say right? Either detox by bending your body and sweating out Friday night or pregame with mimosas and get ready for the rest of the weekend.
When? Saturday, December 5th from 9:45 am-11 am
Where? The Freedhand, 2727 Indiand Creek Dr, Miami Beach
Meet in hotel lobby before 10 a.m.

And when you’re at Art Basel this weekend and your friend says, “Should we go?” Your answer?  “Namaste”.


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