‘Canes Sex Confessions: Round Dos

Bad Habits | The Rival | March 2, 2016

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Here it is— round two of your wild sexscapades. You make us so proud.


“I felt dirty hooking up with one of the guys who works as Sebastian. The mascot head was staring at me in the corner of his room the whole time while we were doing it. It was clearly judging me. ” -Whore-rricane

“I forgot I came inside of a girl, decided to eat her out like 20 minutes later. Immediately regretted all of my decisions for that day. ” -Cumandfollow

“I fucked a girl in the back of a school chartered bus on the way home from SunLife stadium after a game once. When I nutted in her she went into the bus bathroom to do whatever chicks do when they get nutted in, and people started clappin and shit. It was pretty funny as I didn’t think anyone noticed we were fuckin. ” -Round of Applause

“When I was about to finish I said, “where do you want it?” She said, “literally wherever you want.” So I put it on her sleeping roommate and then my girl licked it off” -GB

“I fucked one of my friends out of boredom and he’s huge so I figured he’d have a big dick. WELL, he had a micropenis. It was super awkward shitty sex and now I cant look at him the same lol woops”  -Dissapointed

“After a tailgate, I banged a chick in one of the GP pool cabanas over looking the sunset… then in the steam room. You could say things got steamy.” – Thanks GP

“he accidentally went anal on me and it hurt :/” – In-pain

“My tattooed and 10 years older Scuba Instructor and I did it on top of my open water written exam, on the good side of a one way mirror room. No need to tell you I aced that test ;)” – ScubaFanatic

“I was on a dry spell for a bit. Then I went to a bar a lot of UM kids frequent. I came into that bitch turnt. After a good hour or two, I started dancing with this one chick at the back of this establishment. She was like five-two and dancing all cute–playfully pushing me back on the wall as I got closer. I swear was definitely playful pushing. Anyway we were at the back of the bar so when we wanted to get out everyone noticed. I saw everyone I knew as I passed by. High fives and shit. I’m thinking “This bitch better be cute, because everyone I know sees me right now.” I felt like a UFC fighter going through a crowd before a fight. As we walked through the crowd, I saw this girl I’ve had a crush on making out with this dude. Which got me heated to the point where it was decided: I boutta fuck this girl I’m with–which is a dumb notion because my crush don’t give a fuck if I’m getting ass.

We get to her house where she informs me that her house has only been robbed like twice. I don’t know what to do with this information, I’m not in the state to defend my self, but I can yell pretty loud so I was cool with the situation. Somewhere along the line, she cut her foot. She had white tiles so there was blood everywhere.

We go to her room. I got whiskey dick. Not that I couldn’t get it up. I got it up. Just couldn’t finish myself, which was good for her because I tore her shit up. She gotta take a break so we laying there as she talks about how she hasn’t had it like that before. She tells me “you are the sexiest indian guy I’ve ever met.” Sexiest “Indian?” I can’t just be the sexiest guy she’s fucked. I found that offensive and was like bitch suck a dick, so she did.

We went till like 6 in the morning, so I thought it was a great night. Once we woke up. It looked like a scene from Saw. I forgot her foot was bleeding so there was blood everywhere. Her roommates freaking out because of the see the bloody tiles in the living room. Anyway, I didn’t kill no one.” – Duffman

“Carter Dale gave Abby wombat a blumpkin ” – Anonymous


There’s only one round left. Don’t miss out on your chance to shine. Let’s keep ’em cummin, horny Hurricanes.