Gobble Gobble: Miami Style

Your Guide to Thanksgiving in Miami

411 on the 305 | Melanie Martinez | November 18, 2015

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Gobble gobble, bitches! (Disclaimer: I tend to say that a lot around this time of year and I can’t help myself.) Anywho, it’s everyone’s favorite mouth-stuffing, flowy-top-wearing, deliciously indulgent holiday – Thanksgiving. It’s the time we give thanks to our family and friends for the lucky lives we live. Because, face it, as students at the University of Miami we have a lot to be thankful for.

That being said – it’s also a time to give thanks to eating until we want to vomit. Ah, great gluttenous America. But, what if you’re not heading home for break? Or what if you’re getting a head start on the feasting by celebrating Friendsgiving? What if you just really like Thanksgiving-style food and you want to eat it whenever, wherever?

Here is your guide to the best Thanksgiving foods in Miami. Whether you’re eating out, cooking at home, or just looking to get into the holiday spirit with some Thanksgiving-inspired dranks, here is all you need to know to celebrate Thanksgiving down here, or as some of us native Miamians like to call it, Sangibbing:

From Honeybaked Ham:

Sweet Potato Soufflé. This should be #1 on your list. Run to buy it like you’re running for your LIFE, people. In my 21 years of devouring every food in sight (for journalistic purposes, of course) I’ve found this to be the best sweet potato soufflé. Nothing beats it! Also, ya feel fun and fancy saying soufflé. Soufflé.

HoneyBaked Ham Company, 9385 SW 40th St.

From Trader Joe’s:

Cubed Butternut Squash: Butternut squash is low key delish, and these already-chopped pieces make for the laziest yet yummiest side. Just pop the cubes onto an oiled pan and add salt, pepper, and nutmeg. Mix it up then oven heat for 20 minutes. And wtf, you’re a chef!

Pear Cinnamon Cider. Warm it in a slow cooker with some pear slices and cinnamon sticks and then add bourbon, rum, or vodka (spiced pear martini anyone?) Now we’re talkin’.

Trader Joe’s. 9205 S Dixie Hwy. But you should really know where this is already…what kind of soccer mom are you?

From Whole Foods:

Southern Green Bean Casserole. Put some crunchy baked onion rings (or onion-flavored potato chips) on top because – yum.

Southern Chocolate Pecan Pie. Once, I tried to grab a bite of this while my mom was eating it and she legit growled at me. So it must be good.

You know where Whole Foods is.

From Norman Brothers:

Wild Mushroom & Gruyere Cheese Stuffing: I’ve had this delectableness myself, and their website calls it a “sinful blend.” Get naughty and GET SOME (see what I did there?)

Da Turkey: Last but not least, your favorite Thanksgiving birdy (only Thanksgiving birdy?) This place has the freshest ingredients, and their turkeys are never frozen. You can buy it either raw, smoked, or roasted.

Norman Brothers Produce, 7621 SW 87th Ave.

And for a kosher turkey, head to Kosher Kingdom in Aventura. It comes complete with stuffing and gravy.

Kosher Kingdom, 3017 Aventura Blvd.

If you’ve got a vegan on your hands: don’t fret! Your seed-eating lil bunny friend can enjoy Trader Joe’s Turkeyless Roast. It’s a meal in a box with vegan stuffing and even its own gravy. Also try Whole Foods’ harvest roasted Brussels sprouts, herb stuffing, creamy spinach dip, coconut-roasted sweet potatoes, and cranberry orange relish. For dessert, taste Jugo Fresh’s raw pies, like the key lime pie with coconut flakes or the chocolate chickpea cookie dough derby pie with raspberry coulis and sliced fruit. (If you’re a vegan yourself, kudos. You’re basically Beyonce in my eyes.) Some simple gluten-free options include Bunnie Cakes for cupcakes and goodies, Publix’s cider, and Whole Foods Udis Cinnamon Rolls and Ians Popcorn Turkey Corndogs.

…But I’m lazy slash I want to eat Thanksgiving-style food all the time, not just when I grab it from the store and prepare it!! Well then, check out these restaurant items that embody all your favorite home-cooked goodness.


Roasted Turkey and Brie Sandwich. Comes with a cranberry mayo. Festive.

Fried Green Tomatoes. Served with herb buttermilk dressing. Anything with buttermilk just makes me want to eat it, I don’t know about you.

Warm Homemade Cornbread. Comes with scallion-honey butter and it literally melts in your mouth. Once I ordered this cornbread to-go and they forgot the butter and I started crying because I needed it in my body ASAP. They went and got me more of both, and fo free this time (moral of the story: sometimes it’s okay to be a psycho hungry bitch).

Whisk, 7382 SW 56th Ave.

Yardbird (Gluten-Free Menu Available):

Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes. Whipped with roasted garlic, mmmm. Pair that with one of Mama’s Biscuits, like the Virginia Ham served with cheddar cheese.

Fried Green Tomato BLT. Made with smoked pork belly, smoky tomato jam frisee, pimento cheese, and pickled lemon vinaigrette – a new take on an old classic (I feel like Food Network stars say that into the camera before taking a bite, and I’m a Food Network star in my head, sooo….)

Yardbird Southern Table and Bar, 1600 Lenox Ave, Miami Beach


Mac n’ Cheese. This includes bacon, toasted bread crumbs, and FIVE cheeses. FIVE. You read that right, and yes I’m freaking out too. Now tuck your boner (think of dead pigeons while you’re at it) and get yourself over there STAT.

Swine Sticky Bun. Made with cinnamon butter, maple-bacon bourbon, pecan brittle, and sweet potato ice cream. I’ve never had this dessert but just reading the ingredients makes me feel like a spicylicious fuzzy pumpkin cinnabon baby goddammit.

From Sugarcane:

The Mad Turkey Thankgiving Cocktail. Get festive, tipsy, and protein-filled all at the same time with this drink that includes a Kappa pisco infusion, butter washed Grand Marnier, simple syrup, and a whole egg. Because why not?

Any of these options will get you into the Thanksgiving spirit and make you feel right at home (sorry I can’t provide you with a dysfunctional family dynamic and that pesky Uncle Frank but check out How to Avoid Talking About Post-Grad at Thanksgiving for when you do have to go home and deal with that). Read up, eat up and remember: you never need an excuse to indulge on some stuffing and gravy.

Gobble gobble, bitches!