Happy Holidaze

Nobody Stole Your Lighter, You Just Forgot Where You Put It

Bad Habits | Josh Holin | April 20, 2016

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Something is in the air. Could it be love? Is it allergy season? No, the only thing is a faint smell of… what is that… is that pineapple express? The curling wisps of white and the sunglasses in class tell you everything you need to know. Today is the 20th of April.

Today is 4/20.

For those who celebrate as soon as the clock strikes 12, we commend you. You woke, you toked, and you put your stamp on the morning. It is on this day that you rise up and the rest of the nation rises with you. Don’t worry if “they know.” They do, and that’s okay. Hakuna-matata. Walk into that lecture hall with confidence. Have a seat. Enjoy. You don’t even have to listen to the professor, but I strongly recommend that you do. Take some time to soak it all in, what you discover may delight you. Has he always worn glasses? Are you even in the right class? Doesn’t matter. You may be an art student but Bio-Medical Engineering just got super interesting.

This year the 20th landed on a Wednesday, and for UM kids that means one thing: the Farmer’s Market. A scene unfolds…

A creative advertising student runs toward the ceviche but gets distracted. Her attention is caught by a tree. No, not that kind of tree. Her original task is far gone from her mind and the only thing that manifests itself is a perfectly blunt shout, “I love this tree!”

Her shout disrupts a pair lying in the grass, pointing out shapes that they think they see in the branches above. They squint and turn their heads trying to find the patch that almost looks like a moose on rollerskates.

Wait, what’s that? Shalala has made her return. The iconic nearly-gnome-sized figure is posted at the SAC balcony, smoking a pipe that distinctly resembles one that Gandalf would own, surveying her old domain.

In the library, a former valedictorian walks up with marbled eyes and asks for help with her thesis. She doesn’t even realize that she is holding a newspaper, not a research paper.

Days like this bring people together. Students, professors, and pets all partake. Good on them and good on you. It’s not like your lifestyle has changed all that much but your day certainly has.

So happy 4/20 to all and to all a good light!

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