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Stories Your Media Skipped This Week

Sh!t You Should Know | Connor DiGregorio | November 10, 2015

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News on the Internet these days: there’s just so much of it. So much so, that some of the really good stuff tends to get lost in the mix. You have Facebook’s trending news which shows Lykoi: Breed of Cat Gains Attention for Resemblance to Werewolf. You have your best friend posting the article Who Said It? Ben Carson or Mac from Always Sunny?. Then you have your friend from high school posting about an alligator that was found in your neighborhood parking lot. There are literally millions of things happening every day and it’s hard to decipher what is the best and most important to register into your brain. But FYI, eventually it will explode after too many Game of Thrones conspiracy theory videos. It’s just science.

So, how the fuck are we supposed to know what’s really going on and what issues are mattering in the world? We can go to some of the major media outlets like CNN, NBC, Fox, or something along those lines. They do have some real stuff but all seem to report on the same few subjects – lately being the presidential candidates shit talking each other or whichever disaster of the week occurred, like the plane crash in Egypt. The problem with these articles is that it always seems to be vetted through some kind of American-interest filter that has been approved for sensationalized consumption. Events only matter if it’s pertinent to Americans and if it’s entertaining enough to gossip about. (The plane crash involves ISIS and Russia and a bomb and a classic whodunit so it’s perfect for newstainment.)

Enough of that for the moment – those shouldn’t be the prerequisites for a news article. It should be something that expands our perspective of the world and brings light to issues that demand action on our part as participants in democracy. So, that being said, here are a few current global stories that you probably haven’t heard about, and that would be worth some further reading.


Indonesia is on fire, man.

Why do I care: Hundreds of thousands of people are affected. More fossil fuel is being burned than countries’ factories are producing. One of the fastest growing economies is stifled for the foreseeable future, and El Niño is having devastating effects on other parts of the world as well.

The Indonesian Fire – Why Is No One Talking About It  – from The Week

The people running the drone program are kind of being fuckers.

Why do I care: The U.S. military is killing a lot of people illegally in other countries with drones. And not just suspected terrorists – who are still allowed due process before being executed – but many innocent civilians as well. This irony from the self-proclaimed “good guys” of the world is no way to repair relations with people in the Middle East who hate America. And, besides it being flat out murder, it’s important to understand this because it exposes what atrocities our own government can perpetrate without some sort of oversight or scrutiny from the general public.

The Assassination Complex  – from The Intercept


Spain might not be Spain anymore some time in the next few years.

Why do I care: Catalonia has been trying to become its own state for years, but has recently voted to start the secession process. This has big implications for the EU, potentially spurring secessionist movements in other countries if successful. This could really shake up the already complicated political and economic landscape across the pond. Plus, your application to study abroad in Barcelona is going to go a little differently perhaps sometime soon. But don’t worry, Neymar and Messi probably won’t be going anywhere.

Catalonia Vote Starts Spain Breakaway Process  – from Al-Jazeera America


The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was just released and it kind of sucks unless you are in charge of a large corporation.

Why do I care: Ok, the TPP is more complicated than anything anyone could have assigned you for homework. It is ridiculously long and covers a dozen industries in the most complex lawyer jargon, so you’ll never read it (or even understand it if you did). So I’ll focus on one thing that really sucks about it (but peep the other problems too) – it’s only making the internet worse for regular users. If it passes, downloading the newest Yeezy album could be a lot harder than it was before, plus all kinds of other sketchy things. See how here:

The clock is ticking on a time bomb that could blow up a free internet: the TPP  – from The Guardian





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