Spice Up Your Sex Life

Bring Your Game to the Next Level

Bad Habits | | March 4, 2016

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The ‘lust and thrust’ has lost its lust? Look no further. The Cat in the Brat is here to help. Below is a comprehensive list of toys and techniques to get you and your partner roaring in the sheets again.

1. Newbie
If you rarely stray from Missionary and Doggie Style, this category is for you. Although you may not be the daring type, there are still ways to spice up your sex life. Tantric sex is a powerful way to connect with your partner on a new level. Start by lighting candles, putting on soft music and giving each other a light body rub. Next, face each other unclothed on the bed, establish intense eye contact and align your breathing. Hold hands to scoot closer to each other without breaking eye contact. Progress slowly until you are cradled within each other’s arms and can feel a heartbeat. As you begin to have sex, continue the same breathing pattern until climax.

     Sex Toy nomination: Partners Pleasure Penis Ring- The Partners Pleasure Penis Ring is a fun and inexpensive way to mix things. Its vibrating sensations simultaneously perk up the peeper and stimulate the clit while hiding the snake.


2. Seasoned
So this isn’t your first rodeo, but you are running out of ideas in the bedroom. It is time to turn to role-playing. This doesn’t have to be your stereotypical doctor-patient scene, although that could be fun as well. Take turns playing the dominant role while your partner plays submissive. After all, there is nothing more erotic than a little assertiveness. This exchange of roles is referred to as ‘Switch’ in the BDSM community.

     Sex toy nomination: Cupid’s G-Spot Smoothie Vibrator—the holy grail of female pleasure. If you don’t know where the G-Spot is, then the seasoned section of this article is not for you! Aside from thorough satisfaction, Cupid’s G-Spot vibrator will give her feelings that your little guy can’t.


3. Advanced
After experimenting with medley of different positions and role plays, you are still urging for the next step. Hint: The Black Eyed Peas aren’t the only ones that know what to do with all that junk inside your trunk. Butt sex appears to be the new craze but has been documented on wall paintings since the dawn of civilization. If Cleopatra could take it in the rear, you can too!

     Sex toy nomination: X-10 Extreme Pure Gold Anal Beads. Staged anal beads are a great way to get familiar with the back door. Be sure to apply generous amounts of lube so it slides right in place so you can start shaking the bed with a new degree of pleasure.


4. Expert
If you are still reading and have reached the expert level in your sex life, your word is just as good as mine. However, the fat lady hasn’t sung quite yet. If you are looking to expand your horizon in the Miami area and mix things up with other couples, check out the Rooftop Resort in Hollywood. This clothing optional location is accommodating of swingers and nudists alike. If this sounds appealing, you have to check out Miami Velvet or The Garden of Eden in Key West!

     Sex toy nomination: Oh, so you think you are Ron Jeremy? Bring your partner to Studio P for an endless supply of sex toys, play parties and meet ups. Check out Fetlife.com for other events in the area as well.

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