When You Just Wanna Dance


411 on the 305 | Andrea Cespedes | October 27, 2015

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So maybe rounds of beer pong and songs with words just aren’t cutting it for you anymore. Maybe you’re searching for something a little deeper and darker that just makes you want to dance. If that’s the case, go ahead and thank my techno beating heart for the research I’ve done for you on countless Thursday and Friday nights.

Even if you’ve never been, you’ve probably heard of the mega club Story on South Beach, right? Well the guys who bring you Underground Story Saturdays also run a dope haunt on Fridays, except you can leave the heels and tight little dress at home and opt for something hip and possibly London streetwear-inspired instead.

Head to Trade, which is about a quarter of the size of Story’s first floor and about as dimmed as a movie theater without the gigantic lit screen. Trade only hosts the techno gods of the moment, who all know how to transport you to the places in Europe their kind of music originated from. It’s a groovy party made up of locals who only wear colors as dark as the beats they listen to, so bring out your black clothes and take in the full underground experience.

Not too far from Trade and located next to Mokai (which I guess is still a spot worth checking out on Mondays) is Treehouse: another techno trap not for the faint of heart. It has two rooms that offer some variety of tunes and a little more space to dance in than Trade. They’re always offering underground beats presented by obscure artists with local followings.

And now across the water, over the bridge, and into the Wynwood streets we go. If ya wanna get weird, meet me at the Pickle. Electric Pickle: the spot with the Williamsburg vibes and a dance floor the size of your dorm room. Ok, fine, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but only by a few feet. Electric Pickle offers a variety of techno, deep house, and overall electronic trippy tunes that make people want to swallow tic tacs and sway all night. If you find it a little too dim in there, walk down North Miami Avenue into Bardot, next to Gigi’s, a restaurant you have to eat at… like, yesterday. Bardot has more of a lounge vibe with couches and a pool table, but they’ll also bring in artists that compete with the previously mentioned venues like Gaslamp Killer, Chromeo and Nicholas Jaar – think III Points line up. So go on, and dance your fucking hearts out.

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